Vanguard Management Group

Self-Managed & Assisted Management

The Basics:

• Departmentalized, in-house staff
• Daily bank reconciliations; able to view 24/7
• Customized reporting options
• Budget preparation
• Financials by 10th business day

Assessment and Collections – View 24/7
• Charge card, eCheck, coupon, ACH
• Customized automated processing
• Tracking collections; assisting counsel
• In-house collection services; small claims court

Paying Expenses (Paperless) – View 24/7
• Payables lockbox captures invoice image
• Online portal for Board review and approval
• Checks issued upon expense approval
• Online activity retained for perpetuity

Customer Service
• Get answers from “live” customer care representatives
• Extended customer service hours
• Pay by ACH, charge card, eCheck, coupon
• Forms-apps by download, fax, or online completion
• Track critical dates; insurance expiration’s, etc.

Online Tools: 24/7 Access to Your Community
• A/P approval and payment
• Bank activity, financial reports, detailed collections info
• Owners and occupants; violations, ARC requests
• Issue or review work order reports, notes
• Web portal for owners: Report/receive updates on R&M
• Pay by charge cards, eChecks- once or recurring, ACH, Review payments history

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