Winches that Deliver

With the new T Series of hydraulic towing and Recovery Winches, Dinamic Oil provides the market with a complete range of hoisting solutions.

Dinamic  Oil’s  towing  and  recovery  winches  are  designed  with  the  concept  of  ease  in  mind;  ease  of installation, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.

The  design  features  independent  drive  components  and  a  versatile  support  structure  that  makes  our winches user friendly, with advantages that are immediately appreciated by end users.

Each component, from the cable fastener to the drum release system was designed to facilitate installation and maintenance.

The main applications for recovery winches are: tow trucks, rescue and recovery vehicles, agriculture and forestry equipment, or in general, any applications where horizontal traction is required.

Dinamic Oil’s proven experience in the design and manufacturing of hoisting solutions ensures the winches overall quality, the performance of the hydraulic motor, as well the planetary gearbox, the negative static multidisc brake, and the counter balance control valve work flawlessly and efficiently.