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mold in rental home

Tips for Reducing Mold in Your Rental Property

All buildings have to deal with the presence of mold. In fact, it’s everywhere! But it only becomes a real problem when mold spores find the right environment and are able to grow and become “black molds” that can lead to immune responses, fatigue, cognitive problems, nausea, and allergic reactions if it gets bad enough—no good….

going green

5 Perks of Green-Certifying Your Rental Property

As people are getting more environmentally conscious, more rental property owners are deciding to green-certify their property. You might be wondering whether this is a good decision for your property too. The truth is there are many benefits of doing this. Here are some of the biggest ones to consider when making your decision and weighing…

tenant screening

How to Conduct Foolproof Tenant Screening for the Best Renters

In order to be successful and avoid huge headaches as a landlord, you want to do everything you can to ensure you bring in the best renters. While this isn’t always black and white, there are some great things you can do make your role easier and avoid any bad eggs when it comes to…

tenants moving out

4 Main Reasons Renters Move that Landlords Should Know About

When you own rental property, you understand that people are eventually going to move out and new people are going to come in. There are many different reasons why people move from one place to another, and understanding those reasons can really help you better bring in and keep happy the renters that are best…

pruning trees

The Importance of Pruning Trees on Your Rental Property

As winter begins and leaves start to drop from the fall weather, most properties will be left with bare tree limbs and branches that aren’t too sightly—plus, they can be a potential hazard to those on your rental property. A great way to remedy this problem is through regular pruning. Not only will this make your trees…

terms of Agreement

How Should You Set Your Lease Terms as a Landlord?

Any landlord knows that tenants moving out is one of the most costly parts of owning rental property, so it makes sense that we would want our (good) tenants to stay as long as possible. However, that unfortunately isn’t going to happen with every person. Life happens, things change, and people will eventually need to move…


Safety Tips for Your Rental Property This Winter

When the holidays are just around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to prepare for the colder weather. Depending on where you live, certain states can say below freezing for much of the winter season, leading to problems that you don’t experience year-round.   Here are some tips for keeping your tenants…

Property Managers

3 Pro Tips for Rental Property Owners

Being a landlord often involves learning by doing, and sometimes by failing and learning from what didn’t work. But the beautiful thing about the internet is that you can search for tips from those who have already made those mistakes and learned what works. That’s what today’s article is about: pro tips for rental property owners…

Tenant gone bad

How to Handle Tenants Who Go Bad

Part of being a rental property owner means being diligent about screening tenants before handing them the keys and trusting them to be good with your property. This can be a tricky and stressful process, but it shouldn’t be skipped. Some supposedly good tenants are waiting in disguise and will show their true selves down…

leafs and rake

5 Rental Property Maintenance Projects for the Fall

Fall is often an exciting time of year for communities. Everyone’s cozying up to the fire with lattes, fluffy blankets, and donning sweaters and jackets as the temperature starts to drop. Plus, the holidays are near. It’s a fun time of year, and it’s also a great time to perform some seasonal maintenance projects on your…

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