Neighborhood FAQs

Do I need to get approval for fencing, play equipment, landscaping, etc?
All landscaping, fencing, structures, pools, play equipment, exterior modification changes etc. must be pre-approved prior to construction/instillation. An ARB form must be completed and appropriate documents submitted for request to be considered. Allow for a 2-4 week approval process.

Are there any Rules/Regulations concerning water drainage?
Downspout drain pipes are not permitted to empty directly onto neighbor property, neighborhood sidewalks, golf course property or to be installed or to empty within the 50 foot buffer area on golf course property. Any residents whose pipes are categorized above must move these drain pipes to allow water flow to be absorbed by the ground before natural run off onto the sidewalk, golf course property, neighbor yards or surrounding land.

Are there any Rules/Regulations concerning yard maintenance?
Residents are required to maintain their entire yard, including the curb strip between the street and sidewalk. This includes, but is not limited to, cutting grass, pruning trees and shrubs, removing dead debris, trash and weeds, replacing pinestraw/mulch.

Are window screens permitted in windows facing the street?
Window screens are not allowed on front windows or doors.

Are there Rules/Regulations for lots that border the Golf Course?
No fences, play equipment or pools will be permitted in the 50′ buffer on golf course lots. This 50′ buffer includes rear and side property lines. All other landscaping will be considered on a case by case basis.

Are there Rules/Regulations concerning pets?
Pets are not allowed to roam freely throughout the neighborhood. Pets, including cats, must be on leashes and accompanied by their owner when not on personal property. Residents also must clean-up after their pets if they use the bathroom anywhere other than their own property. This includes but is not limited to: common open space, golf course property, personal property, Central Park etc.

Are there Rules/Regulations concerning on-street parking?
For safety reason, on-street parking is discouraged. From time to time visitors may have the need to park on the streets. However, residents are to use their driveways for permanent parking. Also, if cars are parked on the streets, do not block driveways or intersections and they must be parked with the flow of traffic.

What should I do if a street light is not working correctly?
In the event of street light problems, contact Duke Power directly at (Contact Us, Request Lighting Repair) or at 800-769-3766.

Are there Rules/Regulations concerning go-cart riding, skateboarding, skating, etc.?
Residents, especially children, must not ride toys, especially motorized ones, or play in the streets. Residents are asked to use sidewalks for walking and running also.

How do I sign-up or get information concerning the pool?
The Skybrook Swim and Racquet Club is a private club and is not owned by the Skybrook Homeowners Association. Please call 704-948-5661 to inquire about membership.

How much are the annual HOA dues?Single Family Homes – $455