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Questions Regarding When to Call 911

For Huntersville residents, there are two primary phone numbers that can be used to reach police officers.

The first and best phone number to elicit a police response is 911. As always, if you have an emergency, please call 911. The Huntersville Police Department uses CMPD’s 911 & Dispatch center where there is a large number of 911 call takers and dispatchers available 24/7. All 911 calls are prioritized and dispatched to officers. At no point will a “non emergency” 911 call take the place, or slow down, an emergency response from first responders. By calling 911, the caller will elicit a police response in person, or by phone if requested. Callers can remain anonymous when calling 911. The Huntersville Police Department encourages all citizens to report suspicious activities, safety concerns, and criminal/potential criminal activity. Citizens should feel comfortable using the 911 as their primary contact for police. As always, when calling 911, you will be asked if you need police, fire, or medic. You will be connected to the appropriate 911 call taker and they will prompt you through all of the information needed to prompt the appropriate response.

The Huntersville Police Department business phone number (704-464-5400) operates from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, and is staffed by civilian employees/volunteers. This would be a good phone number to call if you have a question about a report, need to leave a specific message for a specific officer regarding a case, and general questions about public safety and events. This phone number will not direct you to a police officer or any first responders in the event of an emergency. These civilians do not have the ability to dispatch officers directly. If an officer needs to be dispatched, they will direct you to the 911 system. Outside of business hours, this phone number will connect you directly to the 911 system.

Mecklenburg County residents can also benefit from the 311 system, which you can learn more about at their website:

Summer Safety Tips

For the Cabarrus residents can call 911 for emergency calls; fire, EMS, police. If it’s a non-emergency call they can call 704-920-3000. Animal Control can also be reached through that number. The 911 information also applies to Cabarrus except it will go through Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office dispatch. If someone is calling 911 it will route them through the appropriate agency to be dispatched.

  • KIDS-Never let stranger(s) into your house.
  • KIDS-Do not leave bicycles, skateboards or other valuable items outside unattended.
  • If someone is soliciting, ask to see their permit and their credentials along with a photo I.D.
  • If the person(s)are representing workers from utility companies, or delivery services, don’t rely solely on a uniform or his claims, again ask for photo I.D. and credentials.
  • Park your vehicle in a well lighted area.
  • Close your garage door.
  • Always lock your vehicle doors and remove valuable items (cameras, money, laptop computers, GPS units, CD’s and purses)
  • Be alert of suspicious activity, vehicles and persons in the area.
  • Do not take a personal risk by approaching suspected criminals; call the police.
  • To report an incident or emergency CALL “911”. The most effective way to get help quickly is to use the “911” system.
  • Report an incident to “911” ASAP, do not wait to call.
  • Keep as many lights on outside of your home throughout the night that is possible.
  • When you are out of the house overnight(s), ask your neighbors to pick up mail, newspapers, and put trash cans away so that that these things don’t signal opportunities to potential thieves or burglars.
  • If gone for several days, consider stopping mail & paper delivery.

Huntersville Police Department

The Huntersville Police Department often provides safety information for the area communities. Police newsletters and alerts will be posted to this page.