VeriScreen is campaigning to become the preferred background scrBackground Screening Company for the Boys and Girls Clubeening company for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. VeriScreen believes in our communities and the missions of many non-profit organizations like BGCA.  We know we have the most comprehensive, most accurate background screens in the industry and we want our most effective non-profits to have access to the best. That is why VeriScreen offers their complete, high quality background screening services at a discounted flat fee for all boys & girls clubs across the nation!

With this extremely competitive pricing, every name submission will get our exclusive Person Search Plus™ background check. Person Search Plus™ provides a more comprehensive background check by finding and verifying all hits retrieved from name variations, aliases and DOB discrepancies. We also offer Drug Screening for volunteers & staff.

VeriScreen researchers verify EVERY HIT and guarantee NO FALSE POSITIVES. When you have the most accurate, error-free background checks, you can make the best decisions regarding your volunteers and staff.

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